Mission & History

VAI has served thousands of Vietnamese Americans and other ethnic communities:

  • Facilitating resettlement
  • Citizenship building
  • Community seeking employment
  • Addressing healthcare issues
  • Raising political awareness
  • Providing educational opportunities
  • Addressing multigenerational issues for seniors and youth
  • Establishing & expanding businesses
  • Strengthening cultural heritage.

Our impact began in Uptown Chicago and has since 2016 expanded to DuPage County via our satellite office.

Mission #1
To promote, support & develop various cultural, social & educational programs to serve Vietnamese-Americans in Illinois
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Mission #2
To help generate the mutual assistance spirit among Vietnamese group members.
Mission #3
To foster closer relationship with various Vietnamese organizations in a common effort to servce the needs of Vietnamese Americans in Illinois
Mission #4
To strenghten & perpetuate the unity and solidarity of the Vietnamese Americans residing in Illinois