Soph Baron

Youth Program Coordinator

Soph Baron (they/them) is the Youth Program Coordinator at the Vietnamese Association of Illinois. They work directly with the youth by cultivating nurturing relationships and developing engaging and enriching programs in a way that is beneficial for their overall wellbeing. They understand the importance of establishing a safe space by providing children with the freedom and expansion to express their most authentic selves – while also being an uplifting guide and mentor as they navigate the complexities of the world. Soph is a highly passionate advocate for Inner Child Healing, Art Therapy, and breaking Generational Trauma patterns within the self and within family dynamics from a decolonial lens. They plan on going to school for Child Psychology and Art Therapy with the intention of creating their own practice to help young people heal through art. You can find them reading, watching anime, journaling, and creating art through various mediums such as: digital art, painting, sketching, makeup, and writing.