Thieu Dang

Senior Health Services Program Manager

Being a refugee from Vietnam during the fall of Saigon in 1975, Thieu knows first-hand of the obstacles that families had to overcome in order to adjust to their new lives in the United States. Thieu got his first experience in social service at the age of 12 while interpreting for his mom in doctor’s offices and government centers. Realizing the need and sympathizing with the difficulties that many immigrants face, Thieu naturally gravitated to pursue a career in the social services field working for different organizations to assist immigrants to better integrate themselves into mainstream society.

Working for the community has been very rewarding to Thieu in many different levels throughout the past fifteen years. One of his most satisfying experiences was helping a young Chinese immigrant student in obtaining a full scholarship to Carlton College in Minnesota through the Posse Foundation and being able to see the full potentials of this young person flourish.

Thieu was also recognized by the Chicago Department of Human Relations and Family Support Services for his exceptional work with inner city youths and its surrounding communities. Over the years, Thieu had the opportunity to work with various great leaders and organizations to ensure him with diverse skills and knowledge to better serve the public.