Dante Luong

Adult Literacy Intern


Vietnamese Association of Illinois (VAI) is one of the community centers introduced to me by my professors and associates. For the last three years in Vietnam, I have been teaching English to different learners ranging from kindergarten to adult learners. Every learner had different goals in life and different paths towards their jobs, which have enriched my teaching experience. Besides teaching, I also translate documents bilingually from Vietnamese to English or vice versa; write journal articles in English Language Teaching and mythology; and organize national and holiday events.

During my free time, I enjoy watching movies (supernatural, action, horror, sci-fi, comedy), reading books (horror, myths, legends, sci-fi), listening to music (Kpop, Vpop, US/UK), and especially cooking. As an extrinsic and active person, I usually attend many conferences, events, and meetings not only to improve my work experience but also to enhance my professional network with professors, staff, and other successful business individuals. Therefore, I am eager to inspire my students to become optimistic and energetic while learning.