Nhan Nguyen

Program Coordinator


Nhan joined VAI as Program Coordinator for our DuPage office in September 2019. Nhan finished her Bachelor of Arts in 2005, majoring in Business English and Education, from HCM University in Saigon. She first worked as a Program Coordinator doing student and teacher management at TIS ( The International School) in Saigon, Vietnam. In 2009, Nhan proudly represented and worked with over sixty high school institutes and colleges from Australia, Canada, and the United States of America in her position as Senior Overseas Educational Counselor at TRUST Education; later, she was promoted to International Affair Manager at the Representative Office. Now, she is glad to work with and serve individuals in our community through her work in with assisting others to access public benefits, immigration and family services, and legal services. Nhan is also fluent in Vietnamese.


Nhan spends her spare time with her kids, reading books, listening to music, and playing table tennis.


Email Nhan at nhan.nguyen@hnvi.org.